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Getting Cute High Quality Workout Clothes for Cheap

Finding workout clothes within a budget can be extremely difficult. Cheap workout clothes aren’t always good enough quality to be worth the money, but sometimes it can be hard to get enough pieces when you’re paying high prices. Here are some of our favorite places to get good quality pieces without breaking the bank!

What Do We Consider to Be Good Quality Activewear?

Usually, there are some fairly easy ways to tell if your activewear is good quality. Leggings shouldn’t be see-through. Sports bras stay supportive for quite a while.

Overall, the clothing should last a long time without ripping or wearing out, and it shouldn’t fade easily. Any elastic or stretchy material should retain its shape, even with regular use.

Top 6 Places To Get Inexpensive, Good Quality Athleticwear

While there are definitely more places to get good, affordable athleticwear, these are some of the stores that are fairly easy to get access to. All of these stores have online shops, and most of them offer in-store pickup if you need it.

CheekyFit gets an extra special place of honor as our absolute favorite brand of activewear! CheekyFit is an awesome woman-owned company that offers high quality athletic wear for very reasonable prices. None of the products are over $40, and there’s a great range of sizes.

Our owner and founder, Stephanie, is an ambassador for CheekyFit so if you decide to check them out, use her code STEPH15 for 15% off any order of $40 or more!

If you’ve never tried Old Navy’s activewear line, they’re a great place to start building a collection. Their quality holds up, even with multiple washes. They also rarely shrink in the dryer. Most pieces come in many different prints and colors.

Most of the pieces are $40 or less, with the exception of sweatshirts and jackets. When you combine that with Old Navy’s commonplace sales and coupons, you can get a great deal. Their clearance racks usually have some activewear as well, so if you can find your size you’ll get an even better deal.

Another great bonus of Old Navy active is that they have a solid size range. Old Navy goes up to size XXL, and offers both Petite and Tall variations on pants and leggings.

Forever 21 has a fairly new yet extensive activewear section. This brand has great leggings, shorts, and tops, but their sports bras mostly seem geared towards low impact sports such as yoga.

They have low prices across the board, all products are $35 or less. However, their size range isn’t as wide. 2X and 3X are mostly not offered or out of stock in essentially every product. They and CheekyFit are also the only brands on this list that doesn’t offer activewear for both men and women.

Over the past couple of years, Target has been overhauling their in-house clothing brands, creating affordable, stylish clothing that lasts impressively well. They have a wide range of products and size ranges, so you’ll likely find what you’re looking for.

With the exception of coats and one sub brand they offer online, Target’s athleticwear items are $45 and below. The products are high quality, and the most items (such as sports bras, leggings, and tank tops) are $30 or less.

If you do prefer name brands, Macy’s often has name brand athletic wear for a lower cost than the retailers themselves. You’ll find brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Champion, and Under Armor.

Like Old Navy, Macy’s often has storewide sales and coupons. Checking clearance racks at Macy’s can also lead to great athleticwear finds. They have a wide range of sizes in activewear, however availability depends on the brand.

While the likelihood of seeing name brands at TJ Maxx isn’t always high, it’s always worth checking. This particular retailer doesn’t always have very consistent quality as their products are sourced from many different random brands.

If you’re shopping at TJ Maxx, always check on reviews for the clothing brands you’re trying. If you can find a good brand or two, you have a source for high quality athleticwear for very low prices. They also have a decent range of sizes, though the available sizes can be inconsistent.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few of our favorite brands that may not have as good of a balance of quality to price as the ones above, or they may be more difficult to get. These brands still provide good products if you are still seeking the perfect workout clothes!

  • Aerie

  • GapFit

  • Fabletics

  • Athleta

These are also great brands to check out if you’re in the market for athleticwear!

Good quality workout gear is easier to find nowadays than they once were, but it can still take some work. Make sure you grab some cool new activewear before you come visit us at Vibe!

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