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Have Fun & Get Fit
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*Applies to non-pole classes

About Vibe:

What sets vibe apart?

Our club-like atmosphere and  judgement-free environment make our fitness classes truly one of a kind! If you're looking for a workout you will actually enjoy so much that you can't wait to come back, you have found the right place! We offer over 15 types of workout classes, online classes, a weight room, and free child care! Sign up for your first class today and  join the VIBE TRIBE!

What People Say




“After the loss of my son in September 2021, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb in society. i thought everyone I knew looked at me in pity as the “bereaved mom”, I didn’t leave the house much and dug myself a pit of grief where i spent the majority of my time. November 2021 came around and a dear friend of mine begged me to come to The Vibe Studio and try one of the dance fitness classes. I was reluctant because the changes my body experienced during the pregnancy diminished my confidence, but I eventually agreed. When I arrived I was nervous because I hadn’t made any new friends since my loss, this would be the first time i would meet new people and I feared that once again I would feel like an outsider. The studio filled up with women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. My mind was blown with how much fun I was having dancing along with everyone else. For the first time I felt like I fit in, like I was a normal person like everyone around me. Since that day I have consistently gone to dance fitness classes at The Vibe Studio, meeting new people all the time while having a blast dancing and working out! Physically I feel great and socially I have never been better. I owe a huge thank you to The Vibe Studio for giving me a safe, judgment free outlet to build up my confidence again!”



“Since starting at The Vibe two years ago, I have gained numerous friends and abundance of memories that I will forever be thankful for. The Vibe has changed my life for the better, it has shown me that it's okay to celebrate the small victories and has taught me to always put me first. This community of women are life long friends, that I can count on through thick and thin. I will always be a cheerleader for The Vibe because of the positivity and support system that it brings.”



“I was never a terribly confident person growing up, but my confidence really depleted after becoming disabled 7 years ago. I started coming to Vibe in February in an effort to reclaim my body and I can say that in that relatively short time my life and my outlook has changed for the better. This community has taught me how to love my body, how to be truly strong, and that being imperfect is okay. I can do things I NEVER thought I could (if you told me a year ago I’d be doing pole tricks and chair acro I would never have believed it). I’m so grateful for what The Vibe community has done for me.”

New address!   1957 Fort Ave, Lynchburg VA 24501

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