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Age Limit:

The Vibe Studio is an 18+ facility. VIBE staff reserve the right to ask for a valid ID at check in. 

Late & No Show Policy:

*If you arrive after the warm-up (typically more than 10 minutes late) to pole class, this is considered a no-show and you may not be admitted to class for safety considerations.

*Reservations may be canceled up to 6 hours before class time. If you cancel your reservation within that time frame, your pass will not be used. If you do not cancel and do not show up OR late cancel, your pass will be marked as 'used.' To cancel a reservation, log in to your PunchPass account and follow the instructions. 

*After 5 "no show" marks, you will have to contact the studio to reserve future classes.

Class Cancellation Policy:

*In case of inclement weather or instructor illness, class cancellations will be announced via email and posted on social media (Facebook and Instagram) stories. *If you unsubscribe from emails you may not receive this information, therefore please do not unsubscribe from The Vibe Studio notifications on PunchPass.

Refund Policy:

*Memberships, once they are charged, may not be refunded. If you cancel a membership, it will run through the original end date and then will not be charged for the next month. 

*Any refund requests for unused drop in passes must be made within 30 days of pass purchase.

*There are no refunds for passes used due to late cancels and no shows.

Guests and Observer Policy:

We do not allow guests or observers at our studio. Only those registered for a class will be admitted.

Photo/ Video Policy:

Participants are not permitted to video record in Dance Fitness. For all other classes, participants are only permitted to record themselves unless verbal consent is obtained from everyone who may be in the photo/ video. Do not record anyone without their consent!

Childcare Policy:

*VIBE offers free child care on select days/ times. If you would like to bring your child to the studio, you must register for child care on PunchPass; space is limited. Only those registered will be guaranteed a spot.

*Child care is available for children aged 8 weeks and older. 

*If your child requires bathroom/ diapering assistance or is inconsolably upset, VIBE staff will notify you to return to the child care room to attend to your child. 

*The child care room is under video surveillance at all times. 

*Children are permitted to bring snacks/ drinks. If your child has an allergy, please notify the child care attendant at check in.

*Children must remain in the child care room at all times unless using the restroom.

*Children who have had a fever within 24 hours or are visibly ill should not attend child care.

*Parent must have a signed waiver of liability.

General Studio Rules:

* Please avoid wearing lotions/ body oils and jewelry/ any attire that might scratch the poles in pole classes.

* Do not touch the mirrors.

* Notify your instructor if you have any injuries/ illnesses prior to the start of class.

* Pole students are not permitted to teach or spot other students.

General Studio Rules Continued:

*Participants who arrive visibly inebriated or under the influence of substances that may impair their ability to safely participate in class will not be permitted.

* Disrespectful or dangerous behavior to staff or students is not tolerated.

* Failure to abide by studio rules may result in ejection from the studio and forfeiture of your pass/ cancellation of your membership.

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