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Do Dance Fitness Workouts Work?

The short answer is that they most definitely do work.

Dance workouts, depending on what kind of class you’re attending, often are full body workouts that can improve muscle tone, cardio health, balance, and coordination.

Dancing For Cardio Health

Most commonly, this is the primary benefit of a dance workout. Like running, the high impact cardio dancing provides can help improve your heart and lung health.

An hour long Dance Fitness class at Vibe Studio will get you approximately 4000-5000 steps which is anywhere from 400-800 calories burned depending on your weight. Though our record is 1400 in one class!

Dancing For Building Strength

Even a standard dance fitness workout will also build muscle. Not only are you using your legs, hips, and core just in standard dancing, many dance classes will target different areas of the body with different routines.

Plus, classes such as Burlesque and Pole Dancing put significantly more focus on controlling your body, which means building strength.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Dance Fitness Class

There are many ways to improve your experience in a dance class. While none of these are requirements, they will help you get the most out of your experience both physically and mentally.

Engage Your Core

Dancing requires balance and coordination. Both of these things are much easier to achieve when you are engaging your core during dance classes.

Even if you don’t have a lot of core strength, you can benefit from engaging your core during classes. Among other things, you’ll avoid falling!

Modify As Needed

It's important to make modifications for any dance moves that you don't feel safe doing. You know your body, make sure that you’re making allowances for your level of fitness and any injuries or limitations you have.

However, never be afraid to push yourself as long as you’re doing so safely.

Don’t Neglect a Warm Up

If you can, try to get to class a few minutes early so you can warm up. Whether your dance class is a high impact cardio workout or a strength building workout, you can benefit from a warm up.

Your warm up doesn’t have to be extreme. Just get your heart pumping a little bit and make sure your muscles have been warmed and gently stretched.

Stretch Regularly

Flexibility is extremely helpful when dancing, particularly when doing classes such as Pole dancing or Burlesque. So on top of your pre and post workout stretching, make sure to safely stretch throughout the week to stay limber.

Focus on Feeling the Music

Sometimes, particularly for left brained, analytical people, dancing can seem frustrating. If you feel like you have to exactly match your instructor at all times, it can feel impossible.

Try to turn off the analytical part of your brain a bit (or put it toward counting out your steps) and let the music guide the movements of your body. That mind/body connection takes time.

Don’t Hold Back

Most importantly, don’t let judgement or perceived judgement keep you from having a great time on the dance floor. Dancing and dance classes are supposed to be fun. If you focus on what others may or may not be thinking about you, it can keep you from feeling good and enjoying the class to its fullest extent.

Whether you’re focusing on high impact cardio dance classes or you prefer a strength building class instead, you’re getting many health benefits from your workout! Dancing is just as good as a more traditional workout for your body. Check out our class schedule to find the class that’s best for you!

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