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How to Choose Heels for Burlesque

Unlike Hella Heels, heels aren’t a requirement for burlesque. However, it is recommended since you’ll get more of a workout from doing burlesque in heels. Often, wearing heels can also improve confidence in burlesque.

Choosing the right pair of heels for burlesque is a little bit more difficult than for pole though, so here are some of our favorite tips for finding the best heels!

Make Sure You Can Walk In Them

Your heels don’t have to be extremely tall! Low heeled pumps or character shoes are a great option if you want to wear heels but have balance issues or no experience. 1-2 inch heels are perfectly fine for these classes.

However, if you love your super tall shoes, you are completely welcome to wear them. Pole heels are perfectly acceptable for burlesque classes if you have a pair you really love and can walk in. Just don’t forget that you won’t have a pole to hold on to for balance!

Choose Comfortable Heels

This is absolutely vital. You’re going to be in class wearing these shoes for about an hour, so make sure you can wear them for that long without getting blisters or having achy feet. If you bought a new pair, break them in at home before class. Your feet will thank you later!

Don’t use Slip On Heels

Heels that don’t close over your feet will be very difficult to use for more than 15 or 20 minutes of class. Your feet will get sweaty and the shoes will slip off. Choose heels with an ankle strap or that close completely over your feet instead of easy, slip on shoes.

The best option would be booties that have ankle support as well as closed toes so you’re less likely to get injured.

Avoid Wedge Heels

While wedge heels are usable, they’re not ideal for these classes. You want to be able to move and bend your feet as necessary, particularly for getting onto the floor for floor work. Wedge heels will make this slightly more difficult- though not impossible.

Block heels are a great option for people uncomfortable in heels or who have balance issues. You still get the movement that a thinner heel offers, but a bit more stability than a stiletto.

Check Your Closet!

Our last tip is to check your closet! Most women have at least one pair of heels hiding in the back of their closet from a special event. If you’re comfortable walking in them, give them a shot!

Where to Buy Heels

Obviously, you can buy high end character shoes or burlesque/pole heels if you want to. However, you can definitely find heels at lots of different stores! Stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, or Burlington are great places to try first, as you can usually get shoes at lower prices than anywhere else. Target, DSW, and Shoe Dept are also great options for heels. If you’re willing to buy online, try Shein or Amazon.

If you buy a new pair of heels, make sure you buy heels that you can wear in multiple ways! Once you start enjoying your heels in class you’ll want to wear them more regularly!

Finding heels for burlesque doesn’t have to be difficult, just make sure you choose comfortable, wearable shoes that will give you the movement and stability you need.

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