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How To Motivate Yourself To Work Out

Actually getting started with a workout and workout routine can be one of the hardest parts! The actual work out often makes you feel good, or at least the aftermath does. So most of the time it’s just that first step to actually be there for the work out that often can be tricky.

Different tactics work for different people, so don’t be afraid to try something else if one of these tips doesn’t work for you.

Put Your Workout Clothes On

Sometimes just the first step of getting your workout clothes on can help. If you work out in the morning, try sleeping in your gym clothes. If you prefer evening, start the motivation by changing into workout gear.

Treat Your Work Out Like An Appointment

Decide on a time to work out and don’t double book! Your workout is your time for you so make sure you’re not booking over it. Treat it like it’s an appointment or a meeting with a boss or a client - it’s just as important!

Mix It Up

While consistency in workouts is helpful, many people find adding some variety into their routine makes them more likely to actually do their workouts. For example, if you prefer running, try a dance class (like a Dance Fitness class at Vibe!). Maybe if you like lifting weights, consider doing a Twerkout or Pole class.

Go to a Group Class or Have an Accountability Partner

Accountability partners are great at helping to push you to work out! You don’t necessarily have to both be doing the same workout routine or plan, as long as you can be accountable to each other about both your successes and your failures.

If you don’t have an accountability partner or have access to one, try finding a class or group environment to get some movement in. Try to make friends in those groups and find an accountability partner. Even if you can’t find a partner, most often you’ll be paying for classes and it will give you extra motivation to attend.

Make Sure You’re Having Fun

Forcing yourself to work out when you hate what you’re doing is going to make getting that motivation to actually do it almost impossible. You’re more likely to actually want to go work out if you find something that you enjoy.

Some people hate running and love lifting weights. Some hate rock climbing but love dancing. Some can’t stand a treadmill but are happy to go hiking. It’s just a matter of finding something that brings you joy and makes you want to work out!

Set Goals And Reward Yourself

Choosing 1-3 SMART goals for 30-60 days and tracking the associated metrics is a great way to keep you motivated. If checklists help your productivity, goal setting will likely help your motivation.

When you choose your goal(s), make sure to choose a feasible reward. If you actually meet your goals, make sure you reward yourself. Don’t choose a reward, beat the challenge, and then don’t reward yourself! At that point, the motivational benefits decrease significantly.

These rewards can be things like shoes, makeup, new workout clothes, etc.

Use Your Competitive Side

People with large competitive streaks can use these streaks to help push them to work out! If you don’t have an accountability partner that can push you, consider finding other ways to harness your competitive nature.

Whether you compete against your past self to be better, or find someone who has achieved similar skills that you want to achieve, use that competitiveness to help jump start your motivation.

It can be hard to get motivated, but these hacks can help you get going with your workouts for the new year!

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